The Plan to Win: Resources for Building an Elite Program

Jeff Steinberg
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If you're a head coach, you've got a million different things on your plate.

For starters:

  • What's your process for hiring and evaluating your assistant coaches?

  • How do you plan your offseason practices and conditioning?

  • What's the best way to recruit in your own building and maximize local talent?

  • How do you build relationships with the parents in your program?

These are all questions that many other people have wrestled with before.

Why try to figure out the answers on your own?

Jeff Steinberg is the Head Football Coach at Beaumont High School in Southern California. Known for his organization & program building experience Jeff has been successful at 5 high schools in Southern California leading them to 20 playoff appearances, 2 CIF Championships and 183 wins.

Over his many years as a head coach, Coach Steinberg has had to wrestle with and plan for so many different issues related to building an elite football program.

So here's how this can help you:

The Total Program Manual

  • Strength & Conditioning Manual - Everything you need to build a Strength & Conditioning program that WORKS

  • The 12-Month Football Plan - A complete plan from A to Z on how to structure your entire program from January to December.

Resources for Building an Elite Program

  • Coaching & Leadership Philosophy - Take a deeper dive into the philosophies and values that have led Coach Steinberg and his staff to develop great players and better young men

  • Working with Parents - How to build a positive relationship with the parents in your program (and avoid potential issues before they happen)

  • Developing your own Manual - How to take what works for others and add it to what you're already doing well.

Just read what so many other coaches are saying:

"I have known Coach Steinberg for over 20 yrs. His attention to detail and organization have always impressed me. This manual will outline running a program from A-Z. 

"Most importantly his leadership tips can help the young and the experienced coach. He is truly a Transformational Leader that puts the player at the forefront of his program and how to really impact and change the lives of those you lead!"

Ron Roberts

Defensive Coordinator

Baylor University

"I have known Coach Steinberg for more than 20 years and have interacted with him many times in a vast variety of settings. As a College Football Coach I travel to high schools to interact with high school coaches all over the country at every level of high school football. I have found Coach Steinberg to be one of the best coaches in the country. His genuine love and care for his players, acute attention to detail, communication skills and level of organization are just a few of the unique traits that make him elite in this profession. 

"Whether you are a beginner just learning the ropes in this business, or a seasoned veteran in the game, this book that Coach Steinberg has meticulously built over the years will definitely help you and your program. These are the lessons that it normally takes years of mistakes to learn, all put together into one easy to read format. This book is a tremendous resource for all coaches and I highly recommend it."

Joe Lorig

Special Teams Coordinator/Outside Linebackers Coach

Penn State University

“Coach Jeff Steinberg‘s Total Program Manual is by far the most comprehensive and well designed program manual that I have read 23 years of coaching high school football! The simple, yet unbelievably thorough format, is a blueprint for new (and “old”), coaches alike! 

"In addition to the success coach Steinberg has had on the field, what drew me to this Manual more than anything else, was his transformational approach to coaching, and changing lives for the better! If you’re passionate about this game, and want to do the best you can in all facets, do yourself a favor, and get this manual!”

Coach Kurt Hines

Head Coach Coronado HS Football

"Coach and I met when I first entered the profession after leaving the military. Always willing to lend a helping hand about philosophy, strategy, technique and program development. Coach Steinberg has always coached coaches! Jeff has a great ability in training and teaching young people. 

"Developing individual growth via technique and direct instruction. Creating better football plays. More importantly, Coach Steinberg develops programs. Everywhere he has been the program has been taken to the next step of the final step as champions. every phase is detail oriented to be developed just as individual student athletes are."

David Marsh

Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach

Texas Southern University

"I have known Jeff Steinberg for around 15 years. I can say without a doubt, that Coach Steinberg is a coach that understands as well as any I know how to build all phases of a football or athletic program. Coach Steinberg knows how to incorporate the players, parents, coaches, administrators, and the community into the football program. 

"This book is a “how to build a program” blueprint for any coach or any leader that wants to build a program that will impact young men or women long after their playing careers have ended. This book is about what it is all about: getting better every day."

Rick Jones

Assistant to the Head Coach

University of Missouri

Former Head Football Coach Greenwood HS Arkansas 8x State Champs

"Through years of experience, Jeff Steinberg has developed a tremendous all-encompassing resource for football coaches across the country. This year-round program manual covers everything you need and is sure to help inspire, organize and build your program for sustained success.

The success that Jeff’s programs have experienced is a direct reflection of his professionalism, vision and attention to detail. If you are looking to take your coaching and your program to another level, this book is a must have for your library."

Jeff Behrman

Head Football Coach

Union College (NY)

"If I was ever to go back to coach at the high school level, the first tool I would use is The Coaches Manual written by Coach Jeff Steinberg.

When you become a head coach for the first time, many things will be put on your plate that you didn't need to do while being an assistant. The manual provides every tool a new head coach will need to transition to the big seat. Follow Coach Steinberg’s path to success, he has won every place he has coached."

Scot Ruggles

Director of Football Relations


"Using Coach Steinberg's manual is a must for those who want to be successful when it comes to coaching football at a high level. Whether you're preparing for a coaching interview, or looking for strategies to stay organized in the position room, using this manual will set you up to excel because no detail goes unmentioned. I have used his manual over the years and will continue to do so in the future simply because it is thorough and effective."

Kyle Jacobo

Offensive Analyst

Arizona State University

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Resources for Building an Elite Program
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The Plan to Win: Resources for Building an Elite Program

4 ratings
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